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Living under a mountain of debt can lead to major issues in your life. Unfortunately, debt is typically inevitable if you own a home or vehicle. Most times it can be kept at a manageable level. However, there are times due to circumstances in people’s lives which can increase it to a level that is out of your control such as losing a job or divorce and medical expenses. It is good to know that there are laws in Massachusetts & NH that can help people with financial crisis. It is a good idea to speak to an experienced personal bankruptcy attorney in Massachusetts & New Hampshire. Attorney Todd Beauregard has been practicing bankruptcy law for over years in the Massachusetts & New Hampshire and can provide a variety of bankruptcy law services to those who are trying to manage the debt they cannot get out of.

Whether you’ve made poor choices in your finances or you have extenuating circumstances, understanding when it’s time to hire a bankruptcy attorney is critical. You can discuss your situation with Todd and find out what your best route would be. There are ways to help pay off your debt and get yourself and your family back on your feet when you work with an experienced attorney in bankruptcy law.

There are different avenues of debt relief in Massachusetts & NH.  As a bankruptcy lawyer in Massachusetts, Attorney Beauregard can help you to understand the ins and outs of filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, how to handle your home foreclosure, and even how to get debt relief when you’re not sure which avenue is best. Take a look below at some of the services the law firm provides in bankruptcy law and how they can help you get a handle on your finances once again.

Debt relief lawyer in Lowell MADEBT RELIEF

Are you dealing with harassing phone calls from debt collectors? Are you looking for a way to handle the debt collectors and pay off your debt but need some assistance? Then allow the experienced team of bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Todd Beauregard, PC to assist you. With locations in Lowell Massachusetts and Nashua NH.

There are a variety of ways to get debt relief when it comes to getting your finances under control. Todd Beauregard and his team understand that this is a very delicate situation. They work diligently with you each step of the way to find the best debt relief solution for your situation.

You must remember that sometimes mountains of debt pile up for situations out of your control. Perhaps you’ve lost your job recently and were unable to pay your bills as you had before. Maybe you’ve dealt with the ever-increasing cost of living while there were no increases in your pay. Whatever the situation may be, there are many debt relief solutions available. From consolidation to bankruptcy filings, allow the law firm to help you choose the right path to better your financial future. For more information on debt relief call 978-275-1966 to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer today.

home foreclosure


Losing your home is a scary proposition that no family should have to face. However, there are times and circumstances that can leave you facing a foreclosure on your home. No matter the reason, the experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Massachusetts & Nashua NH can assist you with handling this procedure. They know how to help you go through the process and possibly stop the process by filing for other debt relief assistance.

Discussing your finances with Todd Beauregard and his highly trained attorneys can help you to possibly avoid foreclosure on your home and catch your payments back up. You do not want to face this situation alone. It is best to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side assisting you with the ins and outs of this very difficult situation. Todd and his team will fight to help you keep your home even if you’re facing foreclosure. Let them work on your behalf to help you in this very delicate and trying situation.

credit card imagesCREDIT CARD DEBT

Many, many people fall into the trap of credit card debt. From the first credit card to the 10th, it is easy to get overloaded with debt because of a little piece of plastic. When you’re facing a huge amount of credit card debt, there are options out there to help you reduce the harassing collection calls you’re dealing with. The attorneys here at the firm can go over your debt card by card and assist you with finding ways to deal with the debt itself. They can help you with consolidation plans, taking a look at bankruptcy options, and other debt relief solutions that are out there.

It’s very important that you get a handle on this situation as soon as possible. If you find yourself falling behind or dealing with late payments or skipped payments on a regular basis, contact Todd and his office today. Do not let it get too far ahead of you before seeking help. For more information on how to eliminate credit card debt and to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer, call 978-275-1966.

credit score

Credit Score

Your credit score is so very important. It is the determining factor in you being able to obtain financing for a home, car, or other loan options you may need in the future. Dealing with mountains of debt can have a detrimental effect on your credit score. This can leave you without the ability to obtain financing when you need it.

Working with a compassionate bankruptcy firm such as Todd Beauregard’s office can help you to improve your credit score while dealing with the debt you’re facing. Discussing your options with the attorneys here can help you find solutions to the debt situation and repair your credit score all at the same time.

bankruptcyBankruptcy Filings

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, it is important to know the facts. Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side is critical to making sure the process is done correctly and that someone is on your side. As mentioned before, sometimes you get into these types of situations without it being your fault at all. You may have lost a job or deal with medical situations or divorce and that is what has lead you to this situation. Working with an attorney experienced in bankruptcy law can help you navigate the court system easily. Calla Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer today, call 978-275-1966.

Here are a few things you should know about bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy lawyer for chapter 7 in Massachusetts

Chapter 7

It is important to note that under Chapter 7 filing, not every debt you have can be canceled. While there are several that qualify, you need to understand that certain items of debt cannot. In this type of filing, a trustee is set up that will go through your property with you, collect it, and sell it off to help pay the debts you have. Corporations and partnerships are not eligible for this filing, however, the person who is in charge is still legally responsible for those debts. This is why it’s important to have an attorney on your side. To speak with a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer today, call 978-275-1966.


Bankruptcy lawyer for chapter 13 in MassachusettsChapter 13

If you are a homeowner, this may be the route to go for you so that you have a better chance of keeping your home. This is where a plan is constructed for your debt to be paid off in three to five years. A chapter 13 filing will allow you to keep everything you own while making payments on your debt. However, you cannot miss a single payment or else you risk losing your bankruptcy filing. For more information on chapter 13 and to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer today, call 978-275-1966.



FAQ in Bankruptcy Law

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions and answers when it comes to bankruptcy law:

FAQ Image

  • What is bankruptcy really? Bankruptcy is really a way to get a new start in your financial standings. There are some options that may allow you to keep your vehicle and home if it is filed correctly. It is a way to help stop harassing phone calls and get your debt under control again.
  • Should I really consider filing for bankruptcy? If you’re looking for a way to relieve your debt and the stress that comes with it, then it may be the route for you to go. Remember that this filing, in most cases, will tie up income for up to five years until it is settled. Not everyone will qualify for Chapter 13 and in some cases, not all debt will be discharged or relieved.
  • Are there benefits to filing? Yes. There can be major benefits to filing for bankruptcy depending on your individual case. These include the possibility of keeping your home or vehicle, relieving mountains of debt that have you buried, peace of mind and stop the phone calls that are harassing you multiple times a day.
  • Why should I choose your law firm? The Law Office of Todd Beauregard PC has over 23 years of experience in the bankruptcy courts of Massachusetts & New Hampshire. The highly experienced team here at the office works with compassion and diligence to make sure your case is handled properly and with care. There are five attorneys in the office that have experience in all aspects of debt relief and bankruptcy. They have a proven record of success in the court systems and can help you to alleviate the debt that plagues you.


If you’re facing a difficult decision on whether to file for bankruptcy or not, call bankruptcy lawyer Todd Beauregard to schedule a free consultation. He and his attorneys can make sure that your case is well researched and that all the options are laid out clearly for you. Do not face this situation alone without an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side. With offices conveniently located in Lowell Massachusetts and Nashua New Hampshire.

Contact Us or Call the office today at 978-275-1966 to find out your debt relief options and to get on the path to better financial stability.

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